Research &

For over two decades our team has worked with banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to develop specialized tools for their business. Today the most disruptive technology in FinTech is the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We focus our work on "behind-the-scenes" application development, paving the way blockchain technology is being adopted and used as an infrastructure for trade, finance for both the private and public sectors.

What We Do:

- Cryptography
- Digital Assets Development
- Smart Contracts
- Enterprise Integration
- Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Research


We're dedicated to cryptocurrency research. Our most recent public project is the CCX composite Index



We're building the African Union Coin. Infrastructure. Including the Mainnet, Exchange, and applications


Innovative Solutions

Our work doesn't involve only building tools for others. We've starting to become more involved and taking more active leadership roles in various projects.

Our leadership consists of FinTech Experts and Blockchain Engineers.