we know Defence

Our origins are in defence. Specifically developing software for militaries and security forces around the world. From flight management systems to logistics and air control applications, our team has been involved in some of the most exciting projects requiring strict MIL-STD specifications.

What we do:

- Battlefield Interoperability Software
- Tactical Interoperability of Command
- Tradeoff analyses of army organizations
- Determine the effectiveness of units and
- Attrition for personnel and equipment
- Rapid force-on-force analysis tools
- Joint Forces Exercise Support System
- Force deployment analysis
- Tactical engagement model analysis

Military Strategic Operation Control Services

The military is a complex structured organization that operates in challenging technical environments. While the requirements for use of weapons have not changed in ages, the tools on the battlefield have changed tremendously. Firepower is a key element for success, but agility and fast reaction speeds are just as crucial.

Our team has developed and built systems used by armies and international peace keeping institutions such as NATO, IDF, IAF and others